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Monday, September 29, 2008

Election Day

So yesterday was Election Day in Ecuador. Ever since I got here there have been signs everywhere saying, "Vota no!" or "Si, mil veces, si!" It has also been the big topic of conversation among people. I still don't completely understand it all, even though I had it explained to me about four or five times, but what I do know about it is this: whichever vote wins, there will be a huge change in the constitution here. Those voting for no are generally the upper classes, si for the lower classes. If the si vote wins, I think there will be a lot more benefits given to the working class. There was also some talk of gay marriage rights and abortion. I am not sure which one corresponds to which (si or no). So yes, a lot of major decisions are contained in this one vote. Also, everyone has to go back to the place they were born to vote, so there were TONS OF PEOPLE!!!

Back to Election Day. I got up early to go to church. The family that I usually go with was downtown voting, so I decided to try and take a bus. I stood at the stop with a group of people for about 20 minutes or so, waiting as bus after bus just passed us by because they were completely full of people. Finally I was able to squeeze myself onto one.

After about five minutes the driver decided to go in a different direction to avoid traffic. Um, ah! I didn't know where I was!! We ended up at the Universidad de Guayaquil, where the traffic was stop and go because the streets were completely filled with people. It was completely ridiculous. I was able to recognize where I was though, so I got off the bus and squeezed my way through the people. I finally made it to the church, and with about 10 minutes to spare! (church starts at 11 and I left my house at 9:45) Phew, what a relief:)

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