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AFS group
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Friday, October 17, 2008


So, I think that it is officially time for a blog update!! Considering that it has been more than two weeks now!! AND, crazy thought: I am officially halfway through my Ecuadorian experience! Whoa, I can't believe how fast the time is flying:)

Well, let's see... where to begin... How about with my curse? My dear friend Emily from England had the curse at one point. She had the hospital sickness visits, the curse of the ever-leaking eye, siempre, siempre she was sick with something!! Well, she left for France, and ever since then, the mysterious curse has decided to pass itself along to me!

Let's begin at the beginning, as it is a good place to start:) Curse number 1... Sick!! Cough, splutter, boogers... all that good fun stuff! For a whole week - stuck in the house, unable to render my service!! And, I had been perfectly healthy up until this point. Coincidence?? I think not!!

Next curse: Curse of the burglarly... major scam consisting of 1,000 dollars mysteriously disappearing from my bank account. And all within two or three days!! (due to fraud I will get the money back thankfully!!)

Another: went to Cuenca (will expound on further in a moment:)) cured of my illness, and returned with a major fit of the cough!! AGAIN!! Cough, splutter... and if possible, even more nasty goobers than the last time! Ai yai yai!

Curse 4: Computer crash... unable to complete necessary documents for work, and am now stuck switching from comp to comp!

Curse 5: Ants in my water!! Yes, that is right!! I think this would have to be the worst of them all:)

Curse 6: Mosquitos... a plague of mosquitos....

Curse 7: Strange rash on my arm. Don't know if it is bug bites or sun exposure. Will get back to you on that one!!

Curse 8: iPod corrupted... AAAAH!!!

Curse 9: Walked under an air conditioner right as it decided to relieve itself of a whole lot of water!!

So yes, I do believe that this madness has to end soon. If anyone knows any magic remedies for uncurable curses, please let me know!!

So on to Cuenca:) It was so nice! It is a city in the Sierra, so as we took the four hour bus ride to get there I couldn't stop looking out the window at all the beautiful scenery. It is so different from Guayaquil. A lot of indigenous people live there and all the buildings are in the more antique architecture-style. So it was a more cozy feel. It was nice to see grass again... and there was no trash littering the streets!! Yeah!

While in Cuenca we visited the Panama Hat Museum which was super cool and rode a tour bus through the city during the evening (it was so cold!! Who would have thought that it would be cold in Ecuador??). We also visited the ruins of Incapirca and saw some llamas!! :) haha

So there is my update! Hope ya'll are doing great! Besos!


Sami Cook said...

Wow this plague is some serious business, but you kept me entertained through the entire thing!!! Love you chica I hope you are having so much fun!

Lindzena said...

How long have you had a blog and not told me??? Geeze!!

Ha ha, I love you Abby. I can't wait for you to come back to me!